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What is Hibachi? A device that is designed to hold burning charcoal lined with a heatproof material used as a stove. Hibachi was discovered and used in Japan during the Heian period. First it was made with cypress wood lined with clay because of the limited resources of metal in Japan. Hibachi was once commonly used as a portable stove during the war. Over time, more materials such as metal and ceramics became popular improving a better Hibachi.

About Our Chefs

BC Osaka chefs are all expertly trained, with some having over 20 years of experience as a Hibachi chef. They have all taken at least six months of professional training before getting promoted to hibachi chef. Being a hibachi chef requires long hours of practice and preparation, first creating dishes for their fellow chefs and workers. Only after unanimous approval does a chef earn the privilege of joining the BC Osaka team. Though they go through rigid training, each of our chefs maintain their own style, employing personal technique and tricks, perfected to provide not only an outstanding performance but great tasting food for our customers.